News and information about how COVID-19 is affecting training programs for our staff and athletes:

🦠 Covid-19 Update 🦠
(*Updated May 28 2021)


We are happy to announce that PFPC will once again proceed with outdoor training opportunities effective ‪Mon Jun 14th @ 7am‬. We are all extremely excited to welcome you back!!

Please review the guidelines below to ensure this will be a safe and efficient experience for everyone:

✅ Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled training session.
✅ Please park vehicles at back of Parking Lot, away from workout area.
✅ Participants prescreened prior to entering our training area.
✅ Trainers will be wearing PPE (masks)
✅ Cleaning/disinfection of equipment will take place at the end of each session.
✅ Each client/trainer will be designated to a large rubberized outdoor training space with access to equipment (outside of our PFPC location).
✅ Ample grass space allows us proceed with speed, agility, quickness drills and conditioning in front of the facility with social distancing in place.
✅ To fairly accommodate as many clients as possible, frequency of sessions per week will be limited until official gym reopening.
✅ Time slots from 7am-1pm, Mon-Fri will be offered at this time. There are several liability factors we must consider for the safety of our clients and team.
✅ Clients will not be charged for session cancellation due to weather conditions.
✅ Training will not take place in rain or inclement weather. Please follow @pfpclondon and @pfpcoutdoors for updates.
✅ Clients will not be able to access the facility unless for use of washroom (1 client at a time) or for medical emergency.
✅ Maintain adequate hydration by bringing your own water bottle and towel.

Thank You for your continued patience, cooperation, understanding and support as we continue to navigate the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and reopening plans. While we realize it may not be at full capacity, we are committed to assisting you anyway we can with your performance and lifestyle goals. Our model hasn’t changed…..same individualized programming approach, purposeful programming and precise attention to detail. Our focus has always been on the individual!!

Contact us to set up your appointment.

Brent McKenzie (Owner/Head Of Strength & Conditioning)

🦠 Covid-19 Update 🦠

It is with great disappointment that we can now confirm that the province has decided to lockdown and restrict all indoor and outdoor fitness and recreation facilities as part of a province wide lockdown announced today by premier Doug Ford. Effective Sat Apr 3 @ 12:01am PFPC will be temporarily closed until further notice.  With the recent extension of the state of emergency, emergency break and stay at home order we are currently closed until at least May 20, 2021 as we adhere to government regulations.