Miranda Ayim

As a newcomer to the arena of personal training, I was nervous about finding a trainer who was not only capable, but whose personality worked well with mine and who was able to encourage me in ways that I needed in order to reach my goals.  Brent fulfilled all my requirements.  He is personable and encouraging, while being organzied, focused and fully professional.

​The fact that Brent works with a number of professional athletes gives him a comprehensive knowledge of a variety of sports beyond his expertise in personal training in general.  He is well certified and uses this knowledge to create workouts tailored for each individual and his or her fitness goals.  After creating these training formats, he works with the client to make sure each goal is met with sure success.  My expectations were surpassed during our time together.  By the end of our training period, I had increased my muscle mass, foot speed and vertical jump.

​I trained with Brent or the weeks leading up to training camp with the Tulsa Shock (WNBA Team), as well as in preparation for the Canadian National Team.  On both occasions, I felt strong, fit and mentally ready to handle anything that was presented during both camps.

​The time I have spent with Brent- either training, talking, or simply e-mailing- has been a valuable addition to my training process.  He makes himself available for further consultation and continued support even after his clients leave each training session….In my mind, this is what makes Brent an exceptional trainer.

​Thanks again Brent!

Brian Campbell

Training with Brent has improved my game which directly allows me to compete against the best players in the world that the NHL has to offer.  I have found Brent to be very efficient and hard working.  His knowledge is at a high level as he continues to improve by researching new information to further progress his own clients and himself.  His attitude is professional and demanding and he gets the most out of me everyday I step foot into the gym.  By finding ways to motivate and encourage me to push beyond my expectations, Brent knows how to instill confidence in my abilities to ensure I am producing nothing but my best.  His standards are high for me aswell as himself.

​Any skill that Brent teaches to me he is able to effectively demonstrate himself, and he also takes the time to educate me on the proper form and technique needed to excel at each given exercise.  The hockey specific training we do relates directly and compliments my on ice actions.  Given the training, I always feel prepared for situations that come my way in games, and practices during the NHL season.

​I have produced many career season’s including several trips to the NHL All-Star game, recipient of the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy and a Stanley Cup win with the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2009-10 season.

​Thanks for all of your help Brent…You have made a difference.

Jason Williams

For many years, early in my career, I had always participated in extensive training with different trainers here and there. I decided to contact Brent McKenzie to inquire about his services for the upcoming off season. After meeting with Brent to discuss my goals and expectations for next season, I decided to take the opportunity to begin training, at which point Brent structured in detail a periodized plan that not only covered one workout, but created a blueprint for the entire off season leading up to training camp.

​My decision to begin working with Brent, proved to be a smart choice as I have continued to work with him every off season since. The training provided by Brent was truly above and beyond comparable to all others that I had previously participated in. The kind of workout I recieved focused on key areas such as core training, stability and hockey specific exercises. These exercises really challenged me every day and pushed me to work harder than I had before. Going into training camp I felt better that I have ever felt before which is direct result of the training I had received over the summer.

​Another area, besides my physical workouts that I had to work on was to recover from a groin injury. Brent was able to find various exercises to help me through a successful recovery without re-injury . I truly felt much stronger and was able to skate during the summer months.

​The nutritional value that was provided was an additional benefit to me in achieving my personal goals. Brent and I would evaluate my eating habits in order o ensure sucess in my training. The knowledge provided in this area was also beneficial as it encouraged a healthy living style and enabled me to increase energy levels for my workouts throughout the day.

​To date I also receive maintenance programs from Brent to ensure the progress I recieved over the summer months continued through the year.

​I really enjoy training with Brent, there is not one day that passes where I do not feel I am working to the best of my abilities. Brent’s motivation techniques are second to non, and his expectations were made clear from day one.

​Thank You Brent! You have made a difference in my career to date.