I have been working with Brent or some time now;  I am a soccer player and play at a high level.  I have had offers to go to campus, soccer schools, and tryouts in Europe.  I was finally able to take an offer in the summer of 2009 but had picked up a very serious groin injury that I had been dealing with for a full season.  Oce I found out that the offer was still on the table for the summer of 2010 I knew I needed to get professional training and go about this opportunity the right way.  That's when I sought out Brent.  Brent and I met and discussed soccer and my off season training goals and after speaking with Brent I knew he was the one that would be able to take me to the next level.  My goals. like many soccer players, were to become bigger, stronger, faster and to improve my overall core conditioning.  I now also knew how imperative it was for me to also include groin strength and flexibility into my workouts. ​Brent set up an amazing workout plan where I would  vary the intensity of my workout while combining key training with focus on speed, agility and quickness.  All I can say is Brent pushed me to my limits and beyond.  Every session I saw improvement and I was always progressively increasing weight I was lifting.  On top of that my overall speed times were cutting down which indicated that I was also becoming quicker and more agile.  In a 3 month period I gained 10lbs of lean muscle, I couldn’t even gain 5 lbs of muscle in a year on my own!  Training with Brent is just amazing; it's like nothing I have ever done.  Brent's workouts are intense, innovative, and he makes them fun.  Focus and motivation is never an issue. ​Brent has so much knowledge in sport training and I believe this is what  makes him an amazing trainer.  I am so happy that I had the opportunity to include Brent into my growing career and I felt every session that I wanted to make him proud of my efforts and results.  Brent does not settle for second best and because of that, expects nothing but 110% with very session. ​After training with Brent I feel amazing. My groin is much stronger, I am bigger, and stronger and my speed has increased a lot.  I feel so agile and quick on the pitch and very powerful and explosive in game type scenarios.  If you are serious about training and are willing to give 110%, Brent is the man to help you achieve your goals. ​Hopefully all works out and I become a pro soccer player. I will definitely be home in the off season to train with Brent and continue to take myself to the next level.  I feel I can go Europe and compete no problem.  Brent, you are amazing and I am honoured to have you as my trainer.  Thanks again for all of your help and continued support.