Many athletes rely on massage therapy to improve their training and recovery routine. Therapeutic sports massage therapy is believed to relax muscles, relieve pain and prevent injuries. For active, working professionals, therapeutic massage therapy can also help relieve muscle pain from stress and injuries that result from a variety of causes such as: recreational activities and stress.

Our Registered Massage Therapist, Tiffany Vitez, provides the following therapeutic services:

  • Therapeutic/Relaxation
  • Russian Sports Massage
  • Post Concussion/ Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Spidertech Taping
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Performance Recovery

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Muscle Activation Techniques TM (MAT)

MAT is a very specific, non-medical process with a narrow application to the assessment, improvement, and maintenance of one aspect of neuromuscular control: at a minimum, to generate a contraction from any number of muscle tissues presently unable, or that are increasingly required, to meet the demands that forces at work in and out of the body place in your way of optimal sport performance.

Imagine having the right strength, the right touch, and at the right time, when you thought your body was poorly positioned to ‘make the play’, as in the past?

MAT strives to improve any given muscle tissue’s ability to contract (at all), contract when you need it, and sustain that contraction for however long you possibly can condition it as your training and sport demands. MAT can serve as a barometer in applying a measured progression to transition from prehab to competition, day-to-day variable intensity training, or working with your Massage Therapist to ease you back in from rehab to conditioning.

The signature slogan for MAT is that we don’t necessarily focus on what you can do; we ask what you can’t do—because what you can’t do is likely breaking you down. How important is that concept to your conditioning goals?

MAT complements various kinds of therapy and activity. Within a session, and from session to session, MAT is a process of checks and balances on the body geared to get at the root cause of issues that are muscular in nature—both in preventing and restoring from muscular fatigue and compensation that leads to further injury.

When your choices narrow down to holding off any activity or working through the pain, why not let MAT bridge that gap?

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Kirsten Allen is the owner and founder of Dietitian Illustrated @dietitianillustrated and is the “Head of Sport Nutrition” at Precision Fitness & Performance Centre. Kirsten is in charge of providing dietary and nutritional support to all current and future PFPC clients, teams and organizations. 

The importance of dietary analysis and nutrition implementation often goes overlooked when it comes to the overall picture of a training program.  More often than not, goals are set without a proper nutritional breakdown or understanding of the exact needs and demands of the human body. As these demands greatly vary depending on the individual, it is important to take the time to understand what not only works, but more specifically, what works best for YOU.

Developing a solid nutrition plan will not only allow for a monitored, consistent foundation, but ensures that a fully integrated routine is in place for proper recovery and repair mechanisms to compliment the hard work you do in training.

Without fully understanding the importance of nutrition in your workout you are simply not looking at your training goals in a 360 degree approach and are far less likely to experience your desired results.

Let us help you establish healthy eating habits with the implementation of our nutrition programming systems and ongoing support, leading you to proper recovery, aesthetic change and performance enhancement in all areas of life and sport.

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