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Our Strength & Conditioning programs are designed to put full focus on the development of every athlete by first assessing the specific needs of each player. Utilizing our comprehensive, 12 stage “IGNITE 360” evaluation we are able to determine which elements require specific attention in order to develop a program suitable for your body specific needs and requirements. With full focus on fundamental elements of development, our multi phase programming approach targets: Strength, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power, Balance, Reaction Skills, Core Stabilization, Movement Efficiency and important Recovery Methods . Our programming is based on the latest scientific research and is utilized by many of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the OHL/NCAA and NHL. This programming is backed by years of scientific research, and implemented by Brent McKenzie (Owner/Head of Strength & Conditioning) with over 22 Years of professional training experience.

Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Strength & Conditioning Video Series

Precision Fitness & Performance Centre is Excited to partner with the Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Hockey Organization and PHD Hockey Essentials to bring you weekly strength & conditioning videos. Build fundamental movement skills and discover new ways to increase strength, power, speed, agility/quickness, balance and overall athleticism at home with minimal equipment.  Enjoy!! 

Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Strength & Conditioning (Ep.1)

Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Strength & Conditioning (Ep.2)

Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Strength & Conditioning (Ep.3)