PFPC is excited to welcome Rachel Quinn as the latest addition to our growing team.

Rachel grew up a competitive swimmer and played volleyball and basketball recreationally. At fourteen, she shifted her efforts from performance training to focus primarily on physique development. In university she had a coach put a barbell in her hands at a learn to lift class and everything changed. Her goals became moving better and getting stronger, with that came the passion to help others to do the same.

Since, then she has spent her time teaching her clients of all ages to become stronger, improve their mobility, build muscle, and lose body fat. This year she has helped a female client go from struggling to stand up unassisted to being able to deadlift kettlebells for reps. Her mission is to help women and young girls build confidence so they can learn to love their bodies for what they can do instead of how they can look.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. She is a graduate of Western University’s Bachelor of Management Program and Fanshawe College‚Äôs Fitness and Health Promotion Program. Contact Rachel today for your free consultation