“The Beautiful Game” or also know as “football” across the world is played by 250 million players in 200 countries and dependencies, making it the worlds most popular sport- Wikipedia

More often than not, teams already have various on field skills and development coaches in place to improve player progression and feel that this alone will transfer to success on the pitch. The role of the strength and conditioning coach and the impact of proper programming during the duration of a season can certainly be overlooked as some coaches may not truly understand the difference between the two coaching disciplines. It is important to distinguish between these two key developmental factors to truly maximize overall team performance.

There is no argument that skill development and strength and conditioning must go together to identify player weakness, address appropriately through an implemented strength and conditioning program, and reassess regularly to ensure player development is at the forefront. minimizing injury during the course of a season has tremendous impact on individual and team success.

PFPC London has had the opportunity and privilege of working with various players, teams and organizations in the city of London with a track record of success in many sports.

Our Strength & Conditioning programs are designed to put full focus on the development of every athlete by first assessing the specific needs of each player. Utilizing our comprehensive, 12 stage “IGNITE 360” evaluation we are able to determine which elements require specific attention in order to develop a program suitable for your body specific needs and requirements. With full focus on fundamental elements of development, our multi phase programming approach targets: Strength, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power, Balance, Reaction Skills, Core Stabilization, Movement Efficiency and important Recovery Methods . Our programming is based on the latest scientific research and is utilized by many of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the World. This programming is backed by years of scientific research, and implemented by Brent McKenzie (Owner/Head of Strength & Conditioning) with over 20 Years of professional training experience and the PFPC team of coaches.