Wednesday. Dec 12, 2018 (London, ON):

It is with great pleasure that Precision Fitness & Performance Centre (PFPC) and London Golf Academy (LGA) announce an exciting affiliation that will give London and surrounding area golfers access to scientific based strength and conditioning programs along with CPGA certified professional golf instruction. Combining the services of each business further optimizes athlete development by working together closely to emphasise several important performance factors. With visions aligned, both PFPC and LGA stress the importance of “Purposeful Practice and Training” and assist clients of all ages through education and development. Our aim as affiliate partners is to provide clients with the knowledge, motivation, discipline and mental training required to reach their potential athletically and personally.

Brent McKenzie, Owner/Head of Strength & Conditioning at Precision Fitness Performance Centre, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, opened Precision Fitness & Performance Centre in February 2013, and it has quickly become London’s premier fitness and athletic performance facility. PFPC specializes in the precise breakdown, analysis and enhancement of body movements and mechanics. Utilizing advanced testing software and procedures, PFPC gathers valuable information that can be used to properly implement individualized, partner, small group and team Strength & Conditioning programs. “We are excited to partner with Mike and London Golf Academy and look forward to working closely with many local golfers eager to add strength and conditioning as a part of their golf game. Working directly with Mike as a qualified and certified professional, can give our team a better understanding and insight of the unique requirements necessary for each individual”

Mike Zylstra, Owner of London Golf Academy is a member of the PGA of Canada and has been the teaching professional at West Haven Golf and Country Club since 2011. He has experience teaching players of all levels and believes in positive reinforcement and patience to help set up a comfortable learning environment. By finding positive attributes within your golf swing, Mike can maximize the development of fundamental swing patterns which can help improve your game. With repetitive reinforcement, and by utilizing state of the art radar and video equipment, Mike helps you to understand your swing tendencies. “London Golf academy is excited to partner with PFPC. Improving the body’s ability to generate power is fundamental to positively improving the golf swing. Increasing overall strength, and flexibility through the services of PFPC and their highly trained team, combined with certified golf instruction, gives my students a resource to be the best they can be”

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