Precision Fitness & Performance Centre (PFPC), is London, Ontario’s Premiere Sport Strength, Conditioning & Wellness Facility.

With over 24 years of professional experience, PFPC opened its doors in March 2013, and has quickly become London’s top athlete performance centre. Our team has worked with thousands of successful athletes from all sport backgrounds, including amateur, university, olympic and professional.

PFPC specializes in the precise breakdown, analysis and enhancement of body movements and mechanics. Utilizing advanced testing software and established, authenticated, testing procedures we are able to design and Implement innovative, educational programming for private, partner, small groups and team settings.

Quality program design and training requires a comprehensive understanding of proven methods, techniques and protocols while incorporating the latest proven concepts in athletic training. Through the design and implementation of science-based strength and conditioning programs, PFPC sets the standard for individualized programming based on your body’s own unique requirements.  Our team of qualified professionals place emphasis on the importance of athlete recovery and regeneration which ensures optimal performance enhancement.

Our objective is to provide clients with the knowledge, motivation, discipline and mental training required to reach their potential athletically and personally.  Stressing the importance of “Purposeful Training”, we assist clients of all ages through education and development.


While individualized private programming is available, Our 3,000 sq/ft non membership facility, located in North West London (Hyde Park) also cater’s to those interested in partner, small group, and team training in a private and spacious environment.

Located in the Hyde Park’s growing residential and business area (close to the corner of Fanshawe Park Rd and Hyde Park Rd) we are a short driving distance from many surrounding communities and are easily accessible by Bike, Walk or public transit.  PFPC holds a strong professional relationship with the surrounding community, local affiliations and charities as a Member of the Hyde Park Business Improvement Association.

With extensive research, we have carefully selected a variety of advanced equipment to cater to all of your training needs, while ensuring that space and functional environment is at a premium.  Building from the ground up, the facility combines high absorption rubber flooring and an extensive artificial turf area which can be utilized for a variety of speed, agility and quickness drills.

On top of our training services and large selection of equipment, our “PFPC Lounge” gives clients a comfortable environment to mentally prepare before workouts or wind down immediately after.  Our lounge has Free Wi-fi, comfortable seating, fridge, and microwave that are all accessible for clients use.  Bathroom and shower facilities are also available.

In addition to our training services, PFPC also offers onsite Registered Massage Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques (TM) Referral and Nutrition / Dietary Services.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation and to discuss our various packages and options.