Detroit Red Wings (Former), NHL

2001-02 Stanley Cup Champion, 2012 Spengler Cup Champion

For many years, early in my career, I had always participated in extensive training with different trainers here and there. I decided to contact Brent McKenzie to inquire about his services for the upcoming off season. After meeting with Brent to discuss my goals and expectations for next season, I decided to take the opportunity to begin training, at which point Brent structured in detail a periodized plan that not only covered one workout, but created a blueprint for the entire off season leading up to training camp. ​My decision to begin working with Brent, proved to be a smart choice as I have continued to work with him every off season since. The training provided by Brent was truly above and beyond comparable to all others that I had previously participated in. The kind of workout I recieved focused on key areas such as core training, stability and hockey specific exercises. These exercises really challenged me every day and pushed me to work harder than I had before. Going into training camp I felt better that I have ever felt before which is direct result of the training I had received over the summer. ​Another area, besides my physical workouts that I had to work on was to recover from a groin injury. Brent was able to find various exercises to help me through a successful recovery without re-injury . I truly felt much stronger and was able to skate during the summer months. ​The nutritional value that was provided was an additional benefit to me in achieving my personal goals. Brent and I would evaluate my eating habits in order o ensure sucess in my training. The knowledge provided in this area was also beneficial as it encouraged a healthy living style and enabled me to increase energy levels for my workouts throughout the day. ​To date I also receive maintenance programs from Brent to ensure the progress I recieved over the summer months continued through the year. ​I really enjoy training with Brent, there is not one day that passes where I do not feel I am working to the best of my abilities. Brent's motivation techniques are second to non, and his expectations were made clear from day one. ​Thank You Brent! You have made a difference in my career to date.