As a soccer player, I was fit and in shape before training with Brent, however, like most people my game had a few flaws as I was losing possession of the ball too often​ and felt I didn’t have the burst needed to win 50/50 races to the ball.  I was referred to Brent by my sibling, whom habeen training with Brent for a few years at the time.  When I started training, my main goals were to become quicker and more explosive, as well as to increase my overall strength to make it more difficult to dispossess me of the ball.  After 10 months of training with Brent the results I have seen have easily exceeded any expectations I had going in.  I am able to chase down teammates in practice I was never able to catch and have noticed opposing layers have a more difficult time disposessing me of the ball.  For anyone looking for any type of of sport specific training, I would highly recommend Brent in a heartbeat.  His knowledge, ability to keep training sessions unique to avoid monotony from one session to the next, and his ability to motivate you to reach new levels he knows you are capable of reaching, are second to none.